The Dev-Team has given (a little bit of) clarification

  • For those of you who missed it:
    In a casual conversation with the customer support manager Tetris yesterday, he clarified that while there are no updates to be talked about for the time being, the game itself is not going to be shut down anytime soon as opposed to some concerns that the community has been having in the past 2 months, and that the game will continue to be supported.
    He also said that he is available from 8am to 5pm GMT on weekdays, for if you're experiencing technical difficulties or bugs or anything that he can help with.

    To summarize:

    • Is the game dead/dying? No. The game will continue to be supported
    • Any updates? None for the time being, but there is nothing to suggest there will not be any updates in the future
    • Have the devs given up on this game? Simply put: No.
    • Can we expect more communication from the side of the devs in the future? Sadly, nothing has been said about that.

  • A good resume for what happened yesterday,a little soothing for the fact this game still be supported, but very depressive for their activity be soo lower (or unexistence most times) in your own community.

    Hope for that interview with director of BE you asked for @Rebel-Tetris ,whose he said that could be possible suggest, can happening for we unless get hyped for something, even isn't too much, can just share some of their plans and situation with us is enough.

  • Although it isn't what we hoped the BE Twitter has been active two days in a row so far. Not the kind of activity we have been asking for but an active social media is a step towards active/communicating developers.

  • Thanks for the clarification (even if I already red it ^^)
    I think for now, Ninja Theory will stay quiet before the start of next Xbox Generation, Already said it on the Discord, but last update wasn't the best for the game and they clearly feel they need to fix the issues the Makutu rework and overall rebalance do to the game meta (Azrael is kind of weak, Miko has been destroyed...) and the game clearly need a big push, like a relaunch with a new game mode and many content as well as new way to bring new players.

    I think devs stay quiet for now because they're waiting for the right time to show the game in a "new shape". Bleeding Edge in less than a year has seen more than 1 million player and has like 50000 and more unique players per month even right now. So the situation is not good but not as bad as it seems. With free to play or even a very low price and a big new update to bring back old players and new one, I could see the game use the new Xbox launch to make a comeback.

    But I don't know why they aren't comunicating right now. maybe they want to do a "surprise" launch of big update as well as Xbox Series enhancements ? It would be a great way to hype new players and make a fresh start for the game.

    But that's just my wishful thinking and my point of view. The team behind this game is quite small, but the project was a passion game at first for NT before being a true game project. I certainly can see them learn lesson for the launch of the game at 30 bucks and with Game Pass and try another time with a free to play model. Don't know, I just don't feel that the game is dead.

  • It took an article from Windows Central to get them to even log into their Twitter account again, I'm afraid that there won't be much of support for the game going forwards, even if the servers are simply just kept up and running. One would have thought that at the very least there'd be some kind of Series X patch even a slight one, but there's nothing, this game was simply released by Microsoft as an obligation it seems regrettably and no further interest 😞