A suggestion about balancing matchts

  • About,the machtmaking when the team is missing people because someone leaves or disconnected from the match
    When this cases happen, would exist a sistem than equal the teams in the same number of player in the match like is 3v4,now is 3v3 until other arrived and spawn.
    One person will be choose in base the teams have a tank,dps and healer,if have double the lowest stats player will get off.
    if has the qual in 2v2 will be in base of have a healer and dps.
    if will be 1v1 gonna be random between the 2 players,in case would have a gizmo or zero with other fighter,they will out,if will between this two just gizmo will stay.
    Until the player (s) wait for another person:
    The chosen one will return the base in 6 seconds
    He(they)[can walk free in the map] and the enemy team will both don't deal damage and see each other.
    A dojo option for a bot gonna appear in menu for this person training until waiting the other person for the enemy team spawn,if other join with him,they can only deal damage on each other(and the bot)(the bot option still gonna be available for both (de)activate and configurate.
    When the person arrived and spawn,the first one how was waiting in your team gonna spawn in the same time as the otherone in the enemy team.