Few changes I think could be beneficial:

  • Daemon:
    Have shift strike knock down regulars and at least hit stun tanks. It's kind of silly that
    regular attacks can be done while someone is being hit by shift strike. I understand its
    more of a pursuit mechanic, but Daemon while useable could use a slight buff in many
    peoples opinion. Shift Strike knockdown would give him a chance to knock down at least
    then escape. It also keeps him in that stealth character theme.

    A parry function, parry is still tough to do, but if he had an auto parry special passive move
    that would not only get people to practice the parry mechanic with him but play into his
    role as the martial artist in character. (Heck make his parry mechanic replenish his
    stamina fully even)

    Alt stealth: Limited use, hold down the stealth button near a teammate and he sprays them
    so that it looks like their life bar is the same as the other team. Of course that has limited use
    but could be hilarious.