El Basterd-o rework

  • I don't want people to focus on Makutu so much that they forget him, so here are some things I thought of:

    In general

    -Higher base attack damage

    -A bit extra shields from attacks

    Shield power, thing.

    I have two ideas

    -Increased shields depending on the number on surrounding enemies

    -Increased damage and shield gain based on the number of surrounding enemies

    Jumping Move where you jump, and move

    -Wider radius, maybe like a 50 percent increase

    -Tracking could be good but it could also hurt his ability to escape


    With his immortality ult there wouldn't need to be any changes

    His overload could use either a damage buff, or it could apply a slow effect so he can hunt people down better

    I feel like the changes I list would help his survivability, and his capability to disrupt groups of enemies.